Cruise Control

Please keep your subwoofers sexy

Mayhem In The Making

Yes indeed. It’s time to burn the goddamn disco down. Here’s a little preview to what’s in store.

Miss Rose Takes It Slow

Something massive is cooking! In the meantime, chill out your neurons to this fine remix of Miss Rose. Original Nu-Disco version to be found on the debut EP Game/Over/Love.

Ready, DJ Set, Go!

Something amazing is being crafted for your ears and feet. Time to get this thing on the road. funkyvinyl

The Story So Far

EyesA few days ago the Game/Over/Love EP found its way in digital stores throughout the world wide web. The debut record was shaped and molded over a significant course of time. Finished tracks though were always directly showcased on SoundCloud. It’s a remarkable experience that, without a label or any form of structural promotion, the five songs of the EP already collected over 10k of plays and generated over more than 600 followers. Genuine people. No bots, no tricks.

It fuels the hope that Alexander² has some sort of potential in a vast virtual ocean of musical endeavours, trying all to be heard. Hopefully we are the colourful lifebuoy floating amongst the waves, which will be spotted quickly enough. Thanks for your support.

Game/Over/Love EP released

Here it is. A genuine milestone moment. As of today the debut EP Game/Over/Love is released across digital outlets everywhere on the web.

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First Spark